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Kuito Incense


Low-smoke Incense

The incense specifically designed with acupuncturists in mind.

Kuito is a specialist hexagonal-shaped incense created in collaboration with Shoyeido. It is specifically formulated for use in the burning mugwort (moxa or moxibustion), a fundamental part of any acupuncture practice.

Although Kuito is specifically formulated for acupuncture practice, it is an elegant, delicately fragranced, low-smoke incense that can be enjoyed as incense in its own right.
All profits from selling Kuito incense are donated to Moxafrica.

Low Smoke Incense

Shoyeido blenders designed these scents to enhance any occasion with a spiritual nuance of fragrance. Daily low smoke incense emits 30% less smoke than our traditional incense by using special natural ingredients.

Timeless fragrances for everyday enjoyment. Natural ingredients are combined in precise proportions to create these soothing and evocative scents. The perfect incense for using at anytime – casual enough for everyday use, but with a level of refinement that makes them appropriate for special occasions.

Establish a daily ritual. A quality incense range for enjoying daily as you would a cup of tea, or a morning meditation. Perfect for gifts, making memories, quiet contemplation and reflection.

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Daily Incense by Shoyeido

Shoyeido developed the daily incense range based on their premium quality incense recipes to be enjoyed every day. This beautiful range of fragrances uses completely pure and natural ingredients, with no synthetic fragrances or ingredients.

This is a low smoke incense.


Sturdy hexagonal box. The lid has a handy cutout to remove the incense.

Pease note: the number of sticks and burn-time are approximate. Incense is often packed by weight and not the number of sticks.

Product of Japan

Burn time

Approximately 30 minutes

Number of sticks

Approximately 470 sticks. Packed by weight not number.

Stick length



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