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Maria: Fertility

“My husband and I tried unsuccessfully for over three years to fall pregnant. We had had out initial tests and started planning our first round of IVF. We wanted to improve the chance that IVF would work – so we both started acupuncture.

The first thing that happened was that my cycle regulated for the first time in my life, and very soon after that I discovered I was pregnant. I am now mum to a beautiful baby boy – and I never needed the IVF!

I continued acupuncture throughout the pregnancy, which was very easy, as was the birth. I am now back with Heather having acupuncture for my second child.

Rob: Severe lower back pain

I tried acupuncture for my back pain with Heather because she was recommended by a builder friend who sees her regularly. I had been signed off work for two months, had seen quite a few practitioners who were not able to help so I was not expecting it to work. I had never tried acupuncture. Three treatments later and my back pain was completely gone. I’m a convert!

Hanne: Severe Migraines

I have been seeing Heather for my severe and frequent migraines and she has made a real difference. I am incredibly pleased with the improvement and am confident that with continued treatment I shall probably be able to be rid of them completely.

Heather is extremely knowledgeable and by far the best acupuncturist I have seen. She is very professional and careful as well as insightful and totally trustworthy. It is a pleasure to come for my sessions and it has been such a relief to find a treatment that helps; I cannot recommend Heather highly enough – she is simply excellent!

Anne: Meniere Syndrome

I’d never had acupuncture before I went to Heather and didn’t really know what to expect although I knew that thin needles were involved!

I decided to have a few sessions starting in January this year because I have Meniere Syndrome, and even though I’m taking medication I was interested in trying something completely different in order to address the body’s imbalance.

I’m very glad to have met Heather. She is so warm, professional, and knowledgeable, and she immediately put me at my ease. Heather really listens to me and is incredibly supportive. After a session with Heather I always feel calm and centred, and I’m delighted that my symptoms are improving a lot. The care and attention I receive from Heather is outstanding and I’d highly recommend her.

Saffia: Perimenopausal Symptoms

Heather is an accomplished acupuncturist who helped to ease and address both my physical and stress/anxiety symptoms during perimenopause. Her needle technique is especially impressive, and I often didn’t know when she had inserted a needle at all. I would return to her for any issue without question and especially enjoyed the prevailing mood of calm that her treatments invariably inspired in me.

Louise: Chronic stress

I had heard about Acupuncture on and off over the years but I basically dismissed it as a treatment.

Like many of us, after years of looking after kids who are suddenly adults living at home, looking after my frail elderly mum and working full time I reached a point of exhaustion and knew I had to seek help.

One day Acupuncture was mentioned by a chiropractor who was treating my back and in her words my back was like an ironing board. I had chronic stress.

At that point I felt why not give Acupuncture a go!

I can honestly say “I wished I’d known Heather years ago!” She has such a calm manner and puts you at ease from the very start and I always looked forward to the sessions.

Don’t waste time like I did, Acupuncture with Heather was the best natural therapy for me and don’t worry about ‘needless’ worry!

Jane: PTSD & backpain

As a person who has suffered from stress and low back pain for a long time – and having tried all sorts of different treatments – I approached my appointment with Heather without much hope.

This misgiving was completely unfounded. Heather is not only a very skilled acupuncturist but creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which means she is very easy to talk to. She listens carefully, asks pertinent questions, which in turn often lead to extremely helpful insights.

​I find that I leave each session with my usually over-active nervous system calm and this improvement is building up and holding steady over longer periods.

In addition, to my astonishment, I find that the treatment of cupping that Heather used for my back pain actually worked! Marvellous to be able to go about my daily life with no chronic backache.

I have no hesitation in recommending her – the benefits are real.

Lucy: Migraine

During 2016, I started to experience migraines around 2-4 times a month. In most cases it ended up with me having to go to bed in a dark room to seek relief.  Having spoken to my GP about it, I was prescribed Sumatriptan which proved effective at calming symptoms, but I wanted to stop the migraines happening.

I started having acupuncture with Heather in and initially this was specifically to treat the migraines. The migraines became very few and far between and I actually cannot remember the last one I had one!

I continue to have acupuncture with Heather every 4-6 weeks, and I’m in ‘maintenance mode’ now.  We also talk about other issues that could be relieved such as chesty coughs, blocked sinuses and asthma – all of which are mild issues but do definitely get relieved.

I would recommend trying acupuncture for a complaint, as it is a more natural way and I always prefer not to take tablets if at all possible.  For me, it has been very effective indeed, with migraines being a thing of the past.

Kirsty: Fertility

Heather is fantastic. I started to see Heather for fertility acupuncture back in February 2018 and I’m now in my final trimester. I found my sessions with Heather really relaxing and I really look forward to them. I found Heather was really open and honest about how I was doing and gave me some great advice. I changed my diet, lost a bit of weight and changed my focus. I also found that Heather is a miracle worker. I came back from holiday with an ear infection and Heather sorted me out. After my acupuncture session it instantly felt better. The same happened when I had a sore throat.

I’m so pleased I started acupuncture not just for fertility but for my overall well-being. In the run up to birth I have upped my sessions and I’m looking forward to relaxing in them. I recommend it to all my friends and I hope you reading this find it as relaxing, useful and helpful as I have benefitted from it.

Briget: Insomnia

I’ve never had acupuncture before and had heard that it can help with interrupted sleep patterns – which I had been experiencing for several years. I would go off to sleep with no trouble, good zzzzz for 4 hours then wide awake and finding it hard to just go back to sleep.

Through acupuncture I discovered several reasons this was happening and the treatment has been very helpful in enabling me to sleep for longer before waking and then not to be so fully awake so that I drop off to sleep again more easily.

It’s been a great discovery – no chemicals, painless treatment and regular ‘top ups’ all help to maintain my sleep in it’s new pattern.

It’s surprising how much there is at the moment about the need for regular sleep and different ways to get more sleep.  But acupuncture never seems to be mentioned – it should be.  It’s a great way to regularise your sleep.

Roy: Anxiety

Following a diagnosis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder, it took two years of a variety of therapies to pluck up the courage to try acupuncture. I was able to speak to Heather in advance of attending the clinic to better understand how treatment works, which was a great help.

From day one I have felt at ease in Heather’s careful and considerate approach to her work. The combination of her mastery of acupuncture and skill at understanding and appreciating my difficulties means that I am treated individually and not as though I am on a production line.

There have been occasions where I have felt the need to discuss certain aspects of acupuncture with Heather to put my anxiety at ease and Heather is only too happy to explain, as simply as she can with such a technical process, what she is doing and the benefits.

Thanks to Heather, I have regained a great deal of my confidence and life that I thought I had lost. My appointments with Heather are a highlight in my calendar and I highly recommend her as a kind, approachable and absolute professional in her field.

David: Depression

After the loss of my wife I found life increasingly difficult. I started drinking more frequently, stopped eating, and felt completely lost. One year later and I still could find no reason to carry on without her. A friend recommended I go see Heather and I’ve never looked back. Not only did the acupuncture help, but having someone receptive to talk to was a tremendous help.

The depression is now in the past. I still see her every two months or so, because what became clear to me was that other problems I had had for years also improved: I no longer get lower back pain, colds and a variety of other pains and problems.

Richard: Digestive Issues

Qualified authentic traditional eastern acupuncture. Heather D has a unique ability to identify hidden underlying patterns that often seem completely unrelated to symptoms. The results are often spectacular. Awesome & highly recommended!

Sara: Stress

My life had become too busy for me to manage and I felt I was on edge all the time. I have three young children, parents to look after, a busy social life, a part time job, and an equally stressed husband with a full time job. I felt like I had a constant headache.

A friend recommended I book in to see Heather. From the beginning she reassured me that this was my time, and if I didn’t want to talk I didn’t need to, and this became the first time in many many years that I spent time alone without talking. After the very first session I felt significantly calmer.

As our sessions continued I started to feel like my old self again, like I was back in control of my life.

I see her every six weeks or so now, to maintain this new found energy. I still have the children, parents, husband and job, but I am able to enjoy it now.

Phillipa: ME and fatique

I was diagnosed with ME in 2006, and the progressive pain and fatigue eventually meant I was house bound by 2010. I had tried everything the NHS had to offer and in desperation (on the advice of my GP) turned to what I thought was an unlikely option – acupuncture.

Heather helped me go from not being able to even climb the stairs to holding down a full time job. I no longer see her regularly, but if any symptoms start coming back she’s my first port of call. It’s never failed me.